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October 30, 2013

64 Methodology starts

I gathered two converters, so called lens adaptors. One is Nikon, Nikkor Lens to E mount camera,the other one is LEICA M lens to E Mount camera.

This month's SONY alfa 7/R announcement changed E mount world. It was no more than a toy camera gimmick because of the sensor size, but will be optimal  photo-tools.
Though I have no SONY E mount camara so far, situation will be changed.

On the day of Nov.15, Sony will issue 24*36mm sensored camera with very light body,
and extremely short flange back(18mm).
This will be a memorial day, that the Sony camera sensor will catch full data
of LEICA M type lenses in such a cheap(er than M) body.

Below is Voigtalander's lens adaptor,  which is M mount lens to SONY E mount.camera.



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