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November 02, 2013

50 indroduction Leica X Vario (typ107)

I've never known why many camera freaks do not like Leica X Vario type107.
Type 107 has 16Mpix and fixed-zoom lens(28-70), which makes its reputaion bad. The lens has relatively small aparture, and mass is a bit heavier than X2, X1.

To count on such disadvatage, Leica X Vario is fascinating 'compact' camara with APS-C 16MPix sensor, and produces Leica philosophy. Of couse this is made in Germany.

THE  proof of what I claim above is, I took more than 2000 shots with the camera in Europe last September, though my body is the first lot that contains a lot of stinky bugs.
Bugs will be fixed in due course, I believe it is a matter of time.

If the model does not have such bugs, I will use it as my prime camera.

Lens is sharp enugh, dynamic range is OK as Nikon's simillar sensored model.

Besides, this camera is very convenient that there is no lens exchange operation.

If you want use a lens range beyond 28-70, you will seek for better but ugly one.

This 'M's younger sister will give you happiness of Lieca owner, with relatively afordable if  you have budget.

Totaly, as I said above, you will wait bugs to be fixed.




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