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November 02, 2013

54 ....Ergonomics is not always gorgeous

(revised as of 2nd Nov.)

Count is imminent, it's already `54`, that is, by zero I must draw pricture for the next ver. Kuusuke Cronicle.

I claimed recentry that "why today's DSLR is not gorgeous?"
I used DSLR of Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax etc. Everything was brand-new at that moment.
People are looking at its specification but design. One reason for that is their brain washed to believe that such bumpkin was due to marvelous performance.

I would say this is manufactures' conspiracy. Magnesium body needs such roud based shape to some extent. As a matter of fact, Leica M9 uses solid brass,  X Vario uses solid alminium.These master pieces are very suit to be appreciated as gorgeous model.

Somehow, my article with a lot of barks, which was about "Today's DSLR's deign is bumpkin". These my or public opinions could have get trought to manufacture such as Nikon.
Nikon's teazer  shows they will issue very classic tast model. I welcome this movement.

Think about the reason I changed my mind to use micro 43rds or so called mirrorless model,  gorgeousness is the biggest factor. But now, Sony alfa 7R is far lighter than D800E but installing almost same sensor, ie 36Mpix sensor with huge dynamic-range, more over 7R provides the circumstance that she (he?) will accept every mount thr. adoaptor, which enable 7R to be a all lenses digital back with full power.

Isn't it cheap enough still now, after knew my insight.

<Japanese Abstract>
このところ、私は現代のデジタル一眼レフのおかしなカッコウについて疑問を持ち続けていた。マグネシウム合金という構造材が工作方法を根底から替えてしまったのだ。 効率化を企図しつつも、これはエルゴノミクスだとのたまう。この主張は、メーカーの陰謀と云っても良いのではないかと思う。
入ったのか、ニコンから随分スリムなタイプのカメラが出るという。(Nikon HP)

事実、メタルブロック切削加工法をつかっているGerman made LEICAは実にスマート。
国産で唯一美しいと思ったのは、OLYMPUS E-M5と一部のPEN だけど、それは、

そして、SONY α7Rに飛び込んだのも同じ理由。現在民生用で最高のセンサーで






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