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November 01, 2013

55 ......on the first day of November

Kuusuke Cronicle' s first issue was on the day of 15th December 2008,
that is another 45days, when the Cronicle will celebrate 5th anniversary.

Since ever, Kuusuke tried various tools, such as cameras, lenses, and developers.
When it comes to camera,  Kuusuke bought & tried tons of toys.
Kuusuke dedicated the impression to public as non professional  insight, that was first writen in the 'site policy' page, where Kuusuke declared he is not any stake holder of any camera manifacture but merely one armature user. Kuusuke's property will be dedicated to public through impletion of each camera with lens, which has been about 100s products.

Kuusuke is now thinking as to wheather it is right thing or not.
Now thinking about it in another 54 counts.



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