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December 07, 2013

In a week, it's the blog's 5th anniversary celebration day

Kuusuke TARO's Cronicle will have its birthday in a week, which is 5th anneversary of the site, as Co-Co-Log LOGO shown on the right side bar certifies it opening date as of 14 of Dec. 2008.

At first, this site was showing some snapshots, with technical insight, as Kuusuke was deeply inspired by the great hint from KOMASHAN's (こましゃん) blog 'WATASHI MESEN' (私目線。), which has been ofcourse a wonderful site with intensive insight about relatively happy ocasion in life time stream. Its creatures photo is marverlous. Technical deed with mostly m43rds tel-photo-lens is brilliant. I never known such brrialnt photo with m43 tel-lenses for a long time.

As you may presume, this site leads me to go into four thirds world. First Olympus E-420 was superb with Zuiko Digital 25mm/2.8. Then i wrote an article that four thirds image diameter is similar to human eye, that shoud be its natural image which you'll find 43rds is sharp enough for human.

Anyway, these 5 years, this site tried almost hundreds of camera lens etc., in order to find one which I can depend on it every time, in vain. There is nothing such a almighty camera. That will be my most disappointing but fruitful insight conclution of the 5 years.

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December 06, 2013



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November 30, 2013

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2013/11/30 未明

Finally count comes to 36/36, which remembers me that the last frame should be preserved just for the case of emergency, I learned in my boyhood. Time has passed as if in a blink, digital camera does not require such thing because film is almost free.

I visited Biei in Hokkaido 4 times this year, to take beautiful country side, though I have been having landscape photo should be take by native phtographer, in other word I would not take them, because it is a matter of who many chances you can get during your life.

If you aske me, " then where are you going" now, I must say please watch me doing some thing onward.

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November 28, 2013



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November 27, 2013

3.11 and later

aug. 2011 at Kesennuma


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November 26, 2013




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November 25, 2013



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November 23, 2013


Who am I ?

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